Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy 2012

Sandy 2012

The storm has gone, the rivers rized,
the ocean blew away the prize 
of Atlantic City and the beaches
in a way I hope will teach us
not to mess with Mother Nature and,

believe it when they say Escape Her!

Now to clean up and assess it,
and give thanks for all who met it
and helped the rest of us carry on
through the night and into Dawn.
      It was the proverbial "dark and stormy night" with much anxiety all around.  What would we find in the morning?  Thankfully, I and my family and friends are all ok.  No damage of siginificance, not even power lost for most of us.  Very many others have had significant, life-altering damage, injury, and even death. 
     It is far too early to know what the long-term effects will be but as in all such disastrous times, there will be tragedy, comedy, and triumph to be seen.   For now, gratitude for what didn't happen is foremost in my heart and mind.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Storm Before the Calm

       All the feverish activity of preparation is nearly over.  The rain has started, the winds will steadily increase as the day progresses and remain at hurricane force for several days if the storm stalls as predicted.  Hurricane Sandy along the east coast with a nor'easter nested inside combined with a winter storm on our western edge portends disaster heading directly our way.  A storm of unprecedented, historical, and "monster" proportions, nicknamed "Frankenstorm" by the media is moving in.  With a projected range of nearly 1000 miles in breadth, the forecasters have already decided that the damages will be in the billions and power outages could last "weeks". 

       SO, the table, chairs, and flower pots in the yard have been secured.  The car is filled with gas (in case I have to leave and IF the garage door battery backup works!), extra water, lantern and radio batteries, and non-perishable food have been obtained.  The bottom row of books on several bookcases and a variety of other things such as the doll cradle and other toys always awaiting the visits of my granddaughters have been placed up off the floor in the fnished basement.  My important papers are stored securely and the really important papers and other stuff are in the computer bag I'll grab if I have to leave. 

       Today I am just doing more normal things around the house.  Exchanging summer clothes for winter, setting aside things to give to the eventual charity pick-up, and continuing the never-ending attempt to organize my various needlework projects will occupy some of my time over the next few days.  I have books to read, those (many) projects to work on, and even some writing to do - none of which will require electricity.  I also have a gas stove and a blessed French press so I won't even have to go without my coffee!  I am well aware that I am luckier than many who will be in the path of this storm along with me. 

       I'm not a fan of or believer in an "interventionist" God who sits by a chess board moving human pieces around and decides who gets slammed and who doesn't, but no doubt as the winds howl and the roof rattles, habits of a lifetime will find me in intercessory prayer.  At least I'll have someone to talk to in the midst of it all.  And therein lies the Calm....  Peace, safety, and Calm to all of you who will share this time with me, one way or another.  Stay tuned.  I expect to be back soon.  I may even tweet, if I'm certain of enough battery power for the phone.  That would be, of course, @leeosophy.

39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.  


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heading Home

       The colors of the leaves are slowly changing here in central Virginia.  There are some cool days and some warm, some nights are chilly and some even cold.  Autumn is upon us.  The sunny days are filled with the noises of cows, flying birds, and birds in the trees - angry and otherwise - interrupted on Saturdays by the occasional report of a shotgun somewhere in this neighborhood of wooded acres, farmland, and hunters planning their upcoming seasons.   Loud pickup trucks whiz past the driveway of this multi-acred homestead at frightening speeds for a narrow and surprisingly busy twisty-turny road. 

It's a drizzly gray day as I write, the car is packed with all but overnight essentials.  Capt Mommy (also known as Favorite Youngest Daughter in these pages) and Officer Daddy are on their way home from a lovely 10th Anniversary trip.  Favorite Youngest Granddaughter has just awakened from a morning nap and I hear the voice recording for "Thumper" the rabbit speaking.  Li'l Bit - as Mommy and Daddy call her - is still playing contentedly but it's nearly time for her lunch.

Silly is Fun!
       This time tomorrow, if all goes well unlike the trip here, I will be halfway home to my small nest on postage stamp sized acreage, with no cows, or shotguns (that would mean something VERY different there than here!), but lots of birds and changing leaves. After nearly two months, there will be no more toddler schedules to keep, no more room monitor static in my ear overnight, no more daycare shuttles.  Peace, quiet, solitude - I'm missing her already. 

       Yet there is much to do when I get home, people to see - Favorite Triplet Nephews, Favorite Sister (I only have one), Favorite Aunts, friends (all are Favorites!) for lunch, gym to go to (oh joy, oh rapture), and even some meetings for some upcoming consulting.  Oh yes and a few (dozen) needlework projects to work on (please note I did NOT say finish though that is the ultimate goal). 

       Tomorrow will give me many miles to go before I sleep.  But for this moment, the woods are lovely dark and deep,  the deer pass by, Li'l Bit smiles, and all is good with today.